W1S1 [əuld US ould] adj comparative older superlative oldest
1¦(not new)¦
2¦(not young)¦
4¦(that you used to have)¦
6¦(very well known)¦
7 the old days
8 the good old days/the bad old days
9 be/feel/look like your old self
10 any old thing/place/time etc
11 any old how/way
12 good/poor/silly old etc somebody
13 a good old something
14 old devil/rascal etc
15 old fool/bastard/bat etc
16 the old guard
17 be an old hand (at something)
18 be old before your time
19 for old times' sake
20 the old country
21 an old head on young shoulders
22 pay/settle an old score
23 of/from the old school
24 old wives' tale
25 of old
26 Old English/Old Icelandic etc
[: Old English; Origin: eald]
1.) ¦(NOT NEW)¦
something that is old has existed or been used for a long time
≠ ↑new
a pair of old shoes
Some of the houses around here are very old.
one of our oldest traditions
The car's getting old now, and things are starting to go wrong with it.
That story's as old as the hills (=extremely old) .
2.) ¦(NOT YOUNG)¦
a) someone who is old has lived for a very long time
≠ ↑young
an old man
a home for old people
get /grow old
I can't run around like I used to - I must be getting old.
b) the old [plural]
people who are old
the care of the old and sick
3.) ¦(AGE)¦
used to talk about how long a person or thing has lived or existed
5/10/50 etc years old
I can't believe you're nearly forty years old!
a house that's 300 years old
How old are you?
Are you older than Sally?
You're old enough to get your own breakfast now.
I'm not coming skating. I'm too old for that now.
5-year-old/10-year-old etc sb/sth
a six-week-old baby
a five-hundred-year old sword
sb is old enough to know better
(=used to say that you think someone should behave more sensibly)
sb is old enough to be his/her/your mother/father
(=used to say that someone is too old to be having a sexual relationship with someone else)
4.) ¦(THAT YOU USED TO HAVE)¦ [only before noun]
your old house, job, girlfriend etc is one that you used to have
= ↑former
I met up with one of my old girlfriends at the weekend.
My old car was always breaking down.
That happened when we were still in the old house.
My old boss was awful!
old flame
(=someone with whom you used to have a romantic relationship)
5.) ¦(FAMILIAR)¦ [only before noun]
old things are things that are familiar to you because you have seen them or experienced them many times before
It's good to get back into the old routine.
I enjoyed seeing all the old familiar faces.
He comes out with the same old excuses every time!
it's the same old story atstory
6.) ¦(VERY WELL KNOWN)¦ [only before noun]
an old friend, enemy etc is someone you have known for a long time
Bob's an old friend of mine.
an old colleague
They're old rivals.
7.) the old days
times in the past
in the old days
In the old days people used to fetch water from the pump.
8.) the good old days/the bad old days
an earlier time in your life, or in history, when things seemed better or worse than now
We like to chat about the good old days.
9.) be/feel/look like your old self
to feel or look better again after you have been ill or very unhappy
It's good to see you looking more like your old self again.
10.) any old thing/place/time etc
spoken used to say that it does not matter which thing, place etc you choose
Oh, just wear any old thing.
Phone any old time - I'm always here.
11.) any old how/way
spoken in an untidy or careless way
The papers had been dumped on my desk any old how.
12.) good/poor/silly old etc sb
spoken used to talk about someone you like
Good old Keith!
You poor old thing!
13.) a good old sth also a right old sth BrE spoken used to talk about something you enjoy
We had a good old talk.
14.) old devil/rascal etc
spoken used to talk about someone you like and admire
You old devil! You were planning this all along!
15.) old fool/bastard/bat etc
spoken not polite used to talk very rudely about someone you do not like
the stupid old cow
16.) the old guard
a group of people within an organization or club who do not like changes or new ideas
He'll never manage to persuade the old guard.
17.) be an old hand (at sth)
to have a lot of experience of something
I'm an old hand at this game.
18.) be old before your time
to look or behave like someone much older than you, especially because of difficulties in your life
19.) for old times' sake
if you do something for old times' sake, you do it to remind yourself of a happy time in the past
20.) the old country
especially AmE the country that you were born in, but that you no longer live in, used especially to mean Europe
21.) an old head on young shoulders
BrE a young person who seems to think and behave like an older person
22.) pay/settle an old score
to punish someone for something wrong that they did to you in the past
23.) of/from the old school
old-fashioned and believing in old ideas and customs
a doctor of the old school
24.) old wives' tale
a belief based on old ideas that are now considered to be untrue
25.) of old
literary from a long time ago in the past
the knights of old
26.) Old English/Old Icelandic etc
an early form of English, Icelandic etc
PEOPLE: elderly a polite word used to describe someone who is old
middle-aged aged between about 50 and 60 years old
senior citizen/senior (AmE) pensioner (BrE) retiree (AmE) someone over 60 who has stopped working
senile old and mentally ill
ancient/geriatric be getting on be past it be over the hill be no spring chicken informal words and expressionsused to describe someone who is old, often used humorously
geriatric geriatric medicine, care, hospitals etc are for old people
THINGS/PLACES: ancient ancient civilizations, cities, buildings, traditions etc existed many hundreds of years ago
prehistoric existing many thousands of years ago
antique antique furniture, jewellery etc is old and often valuable

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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